Browse and Preview
To browse the Berthold font offerings in the FONTS section, click on the first letter of the font name or enter the font name in the search field.

All purchases from this web site are OpenType fonts that work on both Mac or Windows.

Order and Purchase
In the FONTS section, each font preview contains a PURCHASE button. To purchase, click on the PURCHASE button and you will be linked to the Berthold End User License Agreement for your acceptance. Each font you purchase from this web site is a purchase of a license to install and use the font on 1 licensed unit (1 licensed unit = 5 computers for use at a single location).

Use of Berthold fonts to create external files, webpages, Digital Publishing for the iPad/Android or similar apps requires an Enterprise License. The onetime perpetual license fee depends on the language coverage and usage. This includes but it not limited to use of Berthold fonts to create external PDF files, Flash/Silverlight/Quicktime/ HTML5, Web usage (EOT/WOFF/SVG/TTF), all types of Digital Publishing including TIFF/PDF/PNG and similar high resolution formats, software applications, Broadcast usage including commercials, movie and video games. For more information email sales@bertholdtypegroup.com.

If you agree to the Berthold End User License Agreement, the selected font will be added to your shopping cart and you will have the option to continue browsing or to complete your transaction. If you do not agree to the Berthold End User License Agreement, the selected font will not be added to your shopping cart.

If you choose to continue browsing, you will be returned to the FONTS section and your order will be saved in your shopping cart. If at anytime you wish to review your shopping cart, return to the FONTS section and click the shopping cart button.

If you choose to complete your transaction, you will be placed on a secured server where you will complete the billing information section. All online purchases require payment by credit card. After you complete the billing information section, click the CHECKOUT button to process the sale. All purchases are final and not refundable. If you prefer not or cannot purchase over the web, please contact sales@bertholdtypegroup.com.

If you are a reseller email sales@bertholdtypegroup.com for assistance.

Prices for packages for 1 licensed unit (1 licensed unit = 5 computers for use at one location) are listed next to the PURCHASE button. All prices are in United States Dollars, are subject to change without notice, and are valid worldwide. If you require a license for use on more than 5 computers, increase the number of licensed units in your shopping cart to cover your total number of computers at one location. Discounts for multi-user licenses are incorporated automatically in the shopping cart and shown below in the Beyond Basic Licensing section.

Downloading the Fonts
Following credit card approval, you will be able to immediately download the purchased fonts to your computer from links created for downloading the purchased fonts. The downloaded file will have a unique file name (8 digits plus a suffix or file extension).


1. I'm having problems downloading, who do I contact for assistance?
Please contact sales@bertholdtypegroup.com describing your issue (make sure that you include your order number).

If you have successfully downloaded your order but are experiencing problems send email to sales@bertholdtypegroup.com describing the problem (make sure that you include a copy of your Invoice).

2. The fonts I just downloaded were delivered with a .ZIP or .SIT extension?
Before you can install the fonts, you will need to decompress the files. Aladdin Systems offers a free Expander Utility to decompress .zip and .sit files for Windows and Macintosh. http://www.stuffit.com

If you continue to encounter problems during downloading, please contact sales@bertholdtypegroup.com.

Installation Instructions

Installation and use

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR WINDOWS USERS FOR Legacy Type 1 versions. On Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98 Adobe Type Manager (ATM) is required to install the font software. Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 requires ATM 3.02 or higher, Windows 98 requires ATM 4.0. Adobe Type Manager Deluxe is highly recommended for Windows 95 or higher. Please note: Adobe Type Manager (ATM) is NOT included with this purchase. Windows 2000 does not require ATM. Adobe Type Manager Light is available free of charge from http://www.adobe.com/products/atmlight/download.html

Berthold recommends that Windows users do not purchase Type 1 font software and should purchase OpenType font software.

Beyond Basic Licensing
Berthold offers flexible licensing that allows you to choose the type of license that best fits your needs including multi-user, corporate and custom licensing.

Each font you purchase from this web site is a purchase of a license to install and use the font on 1 licensed unit (1 licensed unit = 5 computers for use at a single location). Additionally, from this web site you also may license fonts for multiple users at a single location. There are two components to pricing: the price of the Initial License + the price of the additional computers. The price of the Initial License is merely the price of the Berthold package and the price of the additional CPUs. The price can be calculated using the following table:

1 - 5 1 x package price
6 - 10 2 x package price
11 - 25 3 x package price
26 - 35 4 x package price
36 - 50 5 x package price
51 - 75 6 x package price
76 - 100 7 x package price
101 - 125 8 x package price
126 - 150 9 x package price
151 - 175 10 x package price
176 - 200 11 x package price
201 - 250 12 x package price
251 - 300 13 x package price
301 - 350 14 x package price
351 - 400 15 x package price
401 - 450 16 x package price
451 - 500 17 x package price
501 - 600 19 x package price
601 - 700 21 x package price
701 - 800 23 x package price
801 - 900 25 x package price
901 - 1000 27 x package price
+250 CPUs + additional 4 x package price

Berthold also offers licenses for unlimited number of computers at single location, within a single country or worldwide. Custom licenses also are available for embedding and other external usage of the font e.g. Digital Publishing, PDF, Flash or Web use requires a Corporate License. For corporate or custom licensing, please contact sales@bertholdtypegroup.com explaining your specific needs in detail.

If you already have a license to use a Berthold product and want to increase your licensing rights, Berthold offers License Extensions. To obtain a License Extension, you will need to provide proof of the original purchase. Please contact sales@bertholdtypegroup.com explaining your needs and provide proof of the original license purchase.