Formata® BQ Collection

Mac & Windows OpenType
Languages: Western Latin 1
Type Style: Sans Serif
Design Date: 1984, 2006
PostScript OTF $795.00

Formata BQ Normal

Formata BQ Condensed

Formata BQ ExtraCondensed

Formata® BQ Collection

Bernd Möllenstädt's first type design, Formata, was released in 1984. Instead of linear severity common to many sans serifs, Formata offers curved strokes and interesting details that are subtle in smaller sizes but distinguishable in larger sizes, thus, appropriate for both text and display. The family has an extensive weight range complimented by small caps, old style figures, fractions and the Euro symbol for both the normal and condensed versions. The breadth of the family makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications from bodies of text, office memorandum, scanning and faxing documents to attention-grabbing headlines.
Formata is a trademark of Berthold Types Limited.