Designer - Bernd Möllenstädt

The talented designer of the well-known Formata typeface, Bernd Möllenstädt was born on February 22, 1943 in Germany. He has lived in Westfalia, Berlin and Münich, Germany. From his earliest years he was interested in typography, first studying as a typesetter (1961-64) and then a student of graphic design (1964-1967).

In 1967 Möllenstädt joined the Berthold typefoundry and his career as one of the leading type personalities began. One year after joining Berthold, he became the head of the type design department and held that position for 22 years under the leadership of Günter Gerhard Lange. Upon Lange's retirement in 1990, Möllenstädt ascended to the type directorship of Berthold where he was responsible for type design and font mastering.

Möllenstädt designed two typefaces for the Berthold Exklusiv Collection, Formata (1988) and Signata (1994). Under license from Berthold, Adobe marketed Formata as part of the Adobe Type Library. Formata is now one of the most successful sans serifs in the world, used both in American and European magazines, as well as newsletters in the Far East (Gulf New Kuwait). Formata also was chosen as the corporate typeface for many companies, including Postbank, Allianz, VW Skoda, and Infratest Burke.

In addition to his work for Berthold, Möllenstädt has lectured at local Münich schools on typography and graphic design, and designed corporate type identities and diverse logos for major corporations, including Allianz, Commerzbank, Mauser Officer and Hoepfner.

Möllenstädt continues his association with Berthold as a designer. He most recently completed Formata Extra Condensed and Akzidenz-Grotesk Next, a new Berthold Exklusiv design. Bernd Möllenstädt died in 2013.

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